About Us  

We might be strangers from the beginning but when we are here, we become a family. A big family of different people with different stories. We work, laugh, live under the same roof.

It’s never really work at ... as we love and enjoy doing what we do and turn the impossible into the possible. We value honesty, hard-work, transparency, and respect each other. We work seriously while not taking ourselves too seriously. 

Central State Construction, Corporation 15358 E. Clarksville Road Marshall, IL 62441 Office Phone: 217-826-6152 
Brandon Short, Operations Manager   c. (217) 273-4122  o. (217) 826-6152 
Jon Earles, Estimating  (765) 346-6152  jearles@centralstateco.com 
Chris Blankenbeker (217) 251-7179  cblankenbeker@centralstateco.com 
Tony Sanders (217) 822-8148  tsanders@centralstateco.com 
Todd Bishop (217) 712-6146  tbishop@centralstateco.com 
Meg Stewart, Marketing Manager (812) 239-9391  msteward@centralstateco.com
Larry Yargus, President (812) 239-9389  lyargus@centralstateco.com

Who we are

We are close teams of passionate people based in .... We are stylers, coders, parents, gamers, jokers and experts in our professions. Ordinary people who strive to create extraordinary products.

What we do

We create and make beautiful things for the web, from desktop to mobile. This includes website templates, themes, plugins and many more. Top notch quality products are the main thing we care, talk and do.

Why we do it

Simply because we love doing what we are doing and are best at it. We love a beautiful digital world, and it starts with every single product we make today. It’s our destiny to make great products.



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Our staff is dedicated to servicing your 
HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing needs. 
Contact us today to see how we can help you: 

Central State Construction, Corporation 
15358 E. Clarksville Road 
Marshall, IL 62441
Office Phone: 217-826-6152
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Brandon Short
c. (217) 273-4122
o. (217) 826-6152 

Jon Earles  

(765) 346-6152

Chris Blankenbeker 
(217) 251-7179 

Tony Sanders 
(217) 822-8148 

Todd Bishop 

(217) 712-6146 

Paul Jansen 

Illinois Plumbing Contractor and Indiana Licensed Plumber 

Larry Yargus, President 

(812) 239-9389 

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